Eufy Robovac X8 Series Replacement Kit

Eufy Robovac X8 Series Replacement Kit

RoboVac X9 Pro

Deep Cleaning, Happy Living eufy Clean X9 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo with Auto Clean Station, 2 Rotating Mops, 5,500Pa Suction, Auto Mop Cleaning and Drying, 12mm Auto Lift Mop, 40° Heated Drying, AI Obstacle Avoidance

  • Dynamic Mopping with Dual Rotating Mops: X9 Pro's strong motor and precise gears allow it to spin at 180 RPM and apply 1kg of pressure, easily removing tough dirt and stains on hard floors.
  • 5,500Pa Strong Suction: The advanced vacuum system effortlessly picks up dirt, including pet fur, crumbs, dust, and mud, leaving your carpets and floors exceptionally clean after just one pass.
  • 12mm Auto-Lift Mop: eufy Clean's breakthrough technology allows X9 Pro to sense when it's approaching a carpet. The mop is automatically raised 12mm to keep your carpets dry while vacuuming.
  • Accurate AI.See™ System: X9 Pro avoids common household objects, including wires, slippers, and furniture with 3D ToF sensors and an AI-camera. Note: X9 Pro is certified as a safe smart home product by TÜV Rheinland and meets ETSI 303 645 cyber security standards.
  • iPath™ Laser Navigation: X9 Pro builds accurate maps of your home so that it can navigate the rooms and clean with ease, even in the dark.
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Dodges Obstacles with Ease

Avoids household objects using 3D ToF sensors and an AI camera

Intelligent Mapping Support

Use for real-time multi-floor mapping, selective room cleaning and highlighting obstacles

Accurate Navigation

X9 Pro builds accurate maps of your home so that it can navigate and clean, even in the dark.

Cleans Close to the Floor Surface

X9 Pro's floating brush sweeps close to the floor surface to pick up debris that's stuck in grooves and crevices

Dynamic Mopping to Eliminate Stains

The mop pads spin at 180RPM and apply 1kg of pressure to remove tough dirt and stains from floors.

Make Stubborn Stains Vanish

A flexible spring adjusts pressure on different floor types eliminating tough stains fast.

Remove Debris In One Pass

Powerful suction easily pick up debris, leaving your carpets and floors clean after just one pass.

Auto-Lift Mop to Avoid Carpets

Our breakthrough technology recognises carpets and raises the mop 12mm to keep them dry

Floor Type Detection

Lifts the mop to stop carpets getting wet and increases the suction for a deep clean.

Keep Floors Clean

Automatically lifts mop 12mm when returning to the station, keeping your floors spotless.

Prevents Odors and Bacteria

The mop is washed, then drived using 40oC air to prevent odors and bacteria growth.

Hands-free Mopping System

Auto Clean Station with Mop Cleaning and 40oC Heated Drying



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